Shiloh Place Orphanage | Charity Organization Helping Orphans and Community
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Our Purpose

The organization’s purpose is to share God’s love by providing not only shelter, also empowering and encouraging them self-sustenance, providing educational skills, health care, clean water and establish a community center.

About Us

Shiloh Place is non-profit organisation community in Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo ; created in June 2010 by Ms Chantal Kasongo to rescue children who have lost both parents and living a very miserable life and unite them with a loving widow mother.


Here we are sharing with you a video of how Shiloh Place Orphanage is making it possible in the region of Katanga access to clean water for the community.


We need your help and support to make it possible for not only the orphans but also for the community at large. Please reach out to us as no donation is big or small. It is the thought that counts. You can donate by cheque, cash or Paypal. We can make the difference.

The Children

Shiloh Orphanage


Her mother died when she was a baby and later on her father passed away. She has been living with her sister whose live very miserable.
SHiloh Orphanage


Here is Mechack , he lives with his grandma. He goes to school because some good people have been paying for his school tuitions.

Shiloh Orphanage


Here is Sarah, she is one of the orphans and used to live with her granpa, man used be the Shiloh Place Orphanage security man who died two ago.