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Your donation will go towards providing not only for orphan kids but help community at large.

You can either donate by Cheque, Cash or Paypal.

Please join us and sow into the future of Lubumbashi, the DR Congo through the lives of orphaned children and the poor.

  • A – Sponsor a Child

    $250: Includes school fees for one year plus school supplies.

  • B – Clean Water

    $5,000: Provides clean water to the orphanage and the community.

  • C – Housing Development Program

    $10,000: our costs for one home sleeping 6-8 children and 1 mother.

  • D – Centre/Church Building Initiative

    The centre is completely finished. We are working on the pavement – the walls and the floor.

    On Sunday the place is used for the worship and the rest of the days, the place is used for multiple services – as community gathering, learning place, vaccines place and more.

  • E – School and Career Development Initiative

$10,000: Children’s school during the day – grade one to grade six. Adult career training and trade school in the evening. First classroom is completed. Students’ desks are needed – cost for one is $60 locally.

*Your donations are very much needed to help us complete the remaining classrooms and homes. You may donate by cheque, cash or PayPal.

If you are donating by cheque and require a tax receipt, please write it payable to Umoja Operation Compassion Society and on the memo, please mention: on behalf of Shiloh Place Orphanage. Umoja Operation Compassion Society assists us in providing receipts for taxation purposes.

If you are donating by cheque and do not require a tax receipt, simply write it payable to Chantal Kasongo.

Please send your cheque to:
Shiloh Place Orphanage
C/O 211-615 North Road
Coquitlam, BC V3J 1P1.

For cash, we will be happy to pick up if you contact us.