Shiloh Place Orphanage | About Us
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About Us


“We believe that every child and woman should have their basic needs met”.

Shiloh Place is a non-profit organisation community located in Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo (Africa); created in June 2010 by Ms Chantal Kasongo.


The organization is devoted to share God’s love by providing not only a shelter to the needy, but also by empowering and encouraging them self-sustenance, providing educational skills, health care, clean water and establish a community center.


To rescue children who have lost both parents and living a very miserable life and unite them with a loving caregiver.

This how Shiloh Place Orphanage (in French – Orphelinat Silo Place) started

The vision of the opening of SPO started while I still living in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It continued for years and was getting bigger and stronger! When I came to Canada many years ago, I have become more preoccupied about my vision especially when I see images of orphans or widows on TV or I hear about what other people are doing or have done about social service projects ; each time I can ask myself “What can I do?” “How can I help?”

So, in June 2010 a plot of land was purchased in the city of Lubumbashi (Kamasaka), DRC  and the construction of our orphanage has been under way! The goal is to build four homes, a medical clinic, a community centre, a  school and clean water.

So far,

1-One home and its furniture has been completed.

2-The community centre has finished and has been in use. This building is a multi-service place. It is used for worship on Sundays and other days for other services such as vaccines’ place, learning center and more.

3-The house monthly budget is much needed before the orphans come in with their caregiver.

4- The construction of the first classroom is in progress. The need for the students’ desks is big.

You can help make the difference by donating.